Build the Welfare of the Earth of Papua
Maximize the management and utilization of forests with all their derivatives (Forestry including carbon trade optimization)
Build, manage, and utilize an integrated industry with appropriate modern technology in all production, operational and non-operational aspects in the fields of natural resources, food, and green energy in a sustainable manner

PT alamindo lestari sejahtera

PT Alamindo Lestari Sejahtera is a Holding Company engaged in investment, especially for the purpose of optimizing Forest Resources, namely in terms of management and utilization of forests with all their derivatives (Forestry including carbon trade optimization). Currently, the Company is the majority shareholder in PT Prabu Alaska that has a Forest Utilization Permit (PBPH) covering an area of ​​293,594 hectares located in West Papua.


In addition to engaging in forest management and utilization, PT Alamindo Lestari Sejahtera will expand its business in various fields, including:

Food Estate

Food Estate

Alamindo plans to carry out sustainable development of food security to support Government programs in fulfilling food needs nationally and participate in overcoming the Global Food Crisis, through Food Estate programs, including the development of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, and Plantations.

Wood Industry

Wood Industry

Alamindo is committed to zero waste, reflecting Alamindo's responsibility for the environment, economy, and socio-culture of the local community. Alamindo's plan in the Wood Industry is to produce finished products with wood raw materials, starting from the establishment of a sawmill factory by utilizing various strategies, resources, and innovative tools to eliminate waste and create sustainable production.



Alamindo's other business development plan is in the field of ecotourism, namely a form of tourism responsible for maintenance and preservation of an area, so as to create conditions that are always natural, provide economic benefits and maintain cultural integrity for Indigenous Peoples.